Kosuke is a small ramen restaurant that is located next to the old Edwards theater on Main and Atlantic. I’ve passed by this place a few times but didn’t know they served ramen until my friends visiting from SF ate there a few nights ago. They liked it so much they had to eat it again before they headed home and I’m glad they did, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to try the ramen until god knows when. One of the dishes that I thought was pretty unique was their truffle oil edamame. Not only was it delicious, it cost $4.75 and the chef only makes it if he feels like it. How do I know this? Well… when my friends ordered the first order, the waitress said she had to go ask the chef. He said “yes”. When we try to order a second dish, the waitress asked and the chef said “no”. Oh well. At least we got the first dish right?

Isn’t their tea pot the cutest thing ever? I think so.
The truffle oil edamame. Delicious. Good luck if you try to order this.
I ordered the spicy ramen with chasu and extra butter. Can you see the butter? So fattening but so delicious.
Kuro ramen with chasu and extra corn.
Ramen with chasu. No extra topping.