Judy & Hubert

When I had mapped the time & distance from Millbrae to Paradise Ridge Winery, it was 68 miles and was only supposed to take an 1 hr & 10 mins to get there. That was so…not the case on a Friday afternoon. It took 3 very stressful hours. Luckily, we made it in time for Judy and Hubert’s wedding.

J & H drink a lot of wine.

Newlyweds – Mr. & Mrs. Lin!

The Wedding Party

I stole this picture from Jennifer’s FB🙂


Cocktail hour + Margie photo bombing

Table 10 – We’re so cool!


I snapped a pic of my neighbor’s dish while he was away. Heehee.


The view from the winery was gorgeous. I love the lanterns.

3/5th of the Sisterhood

Photobooths are great.