Pearl & Tom’s Wedding

     Once in a blue moon, you get invited to a wedding at a beautiful manor house that dates back to the 10th century. Last weekend, I went to one of those at Pickwell Manor for Pearl and Tom. Although there wasn’t a blue moon, just a normal full one, I’m pretty sure this will be the one and only time I get to attend a wedding at a venue with so much history. After all, I do live in California. The oldest building in the state is probably what…300 years old?

The fun started with a 3 hour train ride from Paddington station to Barnstaple. Ok so that part wasn’t fun, but it didn’t suck either thanks to my travel buddy Sara. All train stations should look like Paddington, food everywhere!

We arrived just in time for Pearl’s bridal shower.

TP - 2

A bottle that holds one of many pearls of wisdom.

TP - 1

Sara and I stayed in Constance. It was bigger than my apartment and it had a patio. This is the living room.


After we settled into our apartment, we walked to The Rock for dinner. I was too hungry and forgot to take pictures of the food.

TP - 3

The weather was perfect on the day of the wedding. I swear I commented on the great weather every single day while I was in England.

TP - 4

TP - 31

The future Burberry models of England greeted everyone before the ceremony.

TP - 5_副本

Some beautiful ladies put these floral decorations together.

TP - 8_副本

Mr. Sun and Pearl. The bride designed her own dress. Our Pearl is very talented.

TP - 6_副本

We didn’t throw rice, we threw flower petals.

TP - 11

Is that the standard English post wedding ceremony pose? I’m having mixed feelings about it.

TP - 7_副本

I didn’t get any pictures of the food that were served during cocktail hour either. *sigh* I did snap some photos of the bride with Sara and Sophie though.

TP - 9

Ooh that bouquet was pretty. Oh and yes, lychee martinis were served.

TP - 10

The reception was ten courses. TEN COURSES. Those ten didn’t even include the appetizers, and there were sliders and fries served during cocktail hour. I think I gained a very happy ten pounds that evening. I need to go to more Chinese/English weddings.

Smoked & poached salmon and chicken & avocado bruschetta.

TP - 12 (2)

Brie, tomato & pepper compote and prosciutto, rocket & parmesan bruschetta.

TP - 12

Langoustines with garlic butter & herbs. I think this was my first langoustine experience.

TP - 14

Black bream with lemon & ginger salad.

TP - 15

Duck with savoy cabbage, bacon, carrots & dauphinoise potatoes. My favorite.

TP - 16

Sirloin, chips & bearnaise.


Meringue, strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream. I went upstairs for a minute and almost missed this.

TP - 18_副本

I found the one jar of flowers that I put together. Not too shabby eh?

TP - 19_副本

Pearl and Tom’s first dance.

TP - 20

Seriously? I can really cook with this? I should’ve grabbed two.

TP - 13

Post wedding festivities included a day at Putsborough beach. A few of us decided it was a good idea to walk through a field full of sheep (and sheep poo) to get there. I had the proper beach footwear on for the beach, but not for dodging poo. Sorry no pictures. I was a little preoccupied.

I had my first breakfast bap at the beach. Note to self – share with a friend next time.

TP - 21

It’s so much prettier than California beaches, and a lot cleaner.

TP - 22

Later on in the evening, we barbecued and had a bonfire. Pearl introduced the English to the s’mores experience. Apparently there are no graham crackers in England. Sadly, their marshmallows just doesn’t roast the same way the American ones do either. No pictures.

Post wedding festivities also included some more food, crazy golf aka miniature golf and cream team. Okay seriously now…can that chunk of cheese be any bigger? How do you expect one person to eat that whole chunk of cheese?

TP - 23

Thank you Pearl and Tom for introducing us to the cream tea experience. Butter + jam + clotted cream = a very happy Rennie. I should be eating this everyday.

TP - 25

Finally got a good shot of the sheeps. No poo was stepped on while taking this picture.

TP - 26

The gorgeous English countryside.

TP - 27

It’s important to order bangers and mash everywhere you go.

TP - 28

Congratulations Pearl and Tom! You two are awesome. Thank you for including me on your special day. I enjoyed my stay at Pickwell, met a lot of really great people and ate lots of delicious food.

Susan & Caleb’s Wedding

I woke up this morning feeling extremely fat and exhausted, and everything hurt. Why? I blame Susan and Caleb. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending their wedding at Orcutt Ranch in West Hills. I think I may have been a little too excited, ate a bit too much and danced for too many hours. Why did I ask for two racks of ribs instead of one? *sigh* My eyes were obviously way bigger than my stomach. It was a deliciously beautiful wedding. See pics below.

I thought I was going to be late, but I forgot I was supposed to operate on Asian standard time. I think I was a few mins early.

We Made It!!!

Non-alcoholic pre-ceremony refreshments.

Pre Ceremony Drinks

Such clever use of windows or were these doors?

Glass Door

Dalrae was the only bridesmaid I got a good picture of walking down the aisle. Sorry Melissa and Julie.


The bridesmaids had the prettiest hair.

Dalrae Hair

Now say “aww”.

Caleb and Susan

Absolutely love the flowers.

Sand Flowers

Looking good Westwood. Looking good.

Mag Ren Ash

More windows. Go Table 2!!!

Seating Tables


Center Pieces

Ready to eat ladies???

Mag and Tracy

Check out this menu! OMG! BBQ and OKRA!!!


I forgot the mac n cheese?😦


Dessert table. I should have ate more cake pops.

Dessert Table

Dessert Table 2

Cake cutting. Now say “aww” again.

Cake Cutting

The newly weds sat here during the reception. I was too engrossed with the food to take pictures of them when they were actually sitting here. Oops.


Ashley was DJ for a bit.

Ashley DJ

I grabbed the wrong party favor, but that’s ok. It’s still cute.


Ok now one last time say “aww”.  Congratulations Susan and Caleb!

Susan & Caleb

Orcutt Ranch

23600 Roscoe Blvd

West Hills, CA 91304

Emily & Cliff’s Wedding

There are no words to describe how absolutely wonderful Emily and Cliff’s wedding was. They put so much thought and hard work into every detail, and the result was amazing (like romantic comedy, fancy wedding, kind of amazing). I’m so happy to have been a part of it. Woohoo! Congratulations Emily and Cliff!

Now for some pictures…

The wedding dress needed to get a bit of fresh air. Do you see that beautiful beach in the background? Yea. That’s what we were looking at while we got our hair and make-up done. Emily does know how to spoil her bridesmaids.

1. Wedding Dress

2. Getting Ready

Yes. I think I may just sit on some hay while I wait for the ceremony to start.

3. Yes I think I might take just take a seat

Can you spot the cream soda? I had the orange. What did you have?

4. Of course I want a soda.

I really should have drank more before my speech.

5. Bar Menu

Did you find your place card? Mine was already at the feasting table. Oh…hi Kyle!

7. Name Cards

In case you were wondering, Cliff build those walls. Hmm…I wonder what Mr. Fung is thinking.

6. Entrance

So what do bridesmaid do while they wait for the ceremony to start? Take pictures of their bouquet with their phones or take  pictures of their bouquet and their phones. We did anyways.

8. Flowers and Cell Phones

The beautiful bride. Was she nervous?

9. Is she nervous

Hailin is a pro!

12. He is a pro.

Why are we missing Janet and Jennifer?

10. Marie and Emily

11.Emily and Rennie

Hi Mimi!

18. Mimi and Rennie

You have to have an invitation to get into this fabulous wedding.

13.Invitation Only

What did your centerpiece look like?


The food was delicious. I was a fan of the fish.

15. Dinner

This should be Cliff’s new FB picture.

16. Cliff

Who is that photo bombing in the mirror?

17. RCE

New friends?

26. New Friends

Janet and Chase. Damn she has a good tan.

21. Janet and Chase

Mimi and Emily

22. Mimi and Emily

Aww… cute.

24. Daning

Their bromance was also very cute.

20. AJ Cliff

Yep. There were like six cakes, cookies, s’mores and an ice cream cart. We were all loaded on sugar.

19. Cake


There were carnival games for the kids. Emily and Cliff thought of everything.

25. Games

Schurr High School Class of 2000 + one from 2001 (me).

28 SHS

Dos Pueblos Ranch

220 La Casa Grande Circle

Goleta, CA 93117

Waley & Sarah

My cousin Waley got married yesterday. Congratulations! I thought my cousin was pretty, but his wife Sarah is so much prettier than he is.

Waley & Sarah

Zot Zot…

Rosalyn & Tracy

I’m like a giant…


Focusing on cutting the perfect slice of cake.

They are so cute.

Amy & Travis

Amy and Travis tied the knot this weekend at the Gundlach Bundschu Vineyard in Sonoma. I loved how we had to walk through a cave full of wine barrels to get to the ceremony site. That was interesting. Then when you reached the end of the cave, there were pink umbrellas and strawberry lemonade waiting for all the guests. Yes there were wine too, but that had to wait until after the ceremony.

The bride and groom are pretty huh?

The food was delicious even if there was a minor bee problem.

I’m so glad that all the wedding cakes that I’ve been eating lately have all been really good. This one included. Although I’m a bit upset I didn’t get to try the chocolate layer.

There were a lot of dancing. Do you love the lanterns? I do!

I hope the cute couple wearing blue from my table will find a way to send me the bee video. Why didn’t I ask for their contact info?

Congratulations Amy and Travis. Thank you inviting me to celebrate this special day with you guys.

Judy & Hubert

When I had mapped the time & distance from Millbrae to Paradise Ridge Winery, it was 68 miles and was only supposed to take an 1 hr & 10 mins to get there. That was so…not the case on a Friday afternoon. It took 3 very stressful hours. Luckily, we made it in time for Judy and Hubert’s wedding.

J & H drink a lot of wine.

Newlyweds – Mr. & Mrs. Lin!

The Wedding Party

I stole this picture from Jennifer’s FB🙂


Cocktail hour + Margie photo bombing

Table 10 – We’re so cool!


I snapped a pic of my neighbor’s dish while he was away. Heehee.


The view from the winery was gorgeous. I love the lanterns.

3/5th of the Sisterhood

Photobooths are great.

2012 Vacation Part 2 – Paris

My first trip to Paris was interesting. I had some delicious food, bought an expensive purse and went to a Chinese wedding. Every day that I was there, I felt like I was in a movie. I couldn’t believe how beautiful some of the buildings were. Now if the subways and stores had just crank up the air conditioning a bit, I can truly say that my first trip was perfect.

Did you know that the pho in Paris is better than LA? Sad, but true.

My idea of a perfect breakfast is the Croque Madame. Oh…I only had it everyday.

Of course I visited the Louvre. I’m sad I missed some parts of it because *coughs* the ventilation was *coughs* so bad. It was so warm inside I’m surprised the paint didn’t start to melt off some of the paintings.

I swear all the signs point toward the Mona Lisa. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. The painting was tiny.

I went to a Chinese wedding in Paris and there were a lot of food. Congratulations Lina and Alex.

There were a lot of little alleys with cute cafes. The Parisians does their coffee right.

Crepe. I like it. I really really like it. I should have ate more of it.

 I didn’t go inside, but I did snap a few pics in front of Notre Dame. I was not about to get in line with all the tourists and I doubt the place has air conditioning.

The Eiffel Tower looks better from far away, far far away. It doesn’t look so romantic up close, but that didn’t stop Pearl and Lina from taking pics with their cute glasses.

Guess what this group of people are waiting for…

They were in line to get into A & F. Yes…there were two models guarding that grand entry gate.

 One of the last places that I visited in Paris was the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarte. It was a long trek up many many stairs to get out of the subway and then there were more stairs to actually get to the Sacred Heart. The view from the top was pretty amazing though.

According to Lina, the cheapest place to buy souvenirs in Paris is at Montmarte. I picked up a few magnets for my fridge.

 There were so much that I didn’t get a chance to see, I must visit Paris again very soon.

Grace & Denny’s Wedding

Last night I attended Grace and Denny’s wedding at the Marvimon House. It was so much fun. I now truly believe that an open bar, a photo booth and a dessert bar are essential to an absolutely fabulous wedding.

I love the flowers. Do you love the flowers? How can you not love the flowers?

Someone explain to me why there were only 6 strawberry jalapeno cotton candy. YES! STRAWBERRY JALAPENO! Does anyone know what the measure word is for cotton candy?

Just like the bridal shower, I ate too many sweets. Can you blame me? Those macarons were from Chantilly.

He was a happy bartender and seemed to be a big fan of the cute straws. Hello? There were hearts on them.

So many choices to choose from🙂

Such a handsome and pretty bunch.

The Lena & Rennie Picture – G & D Wedding 6/3/12

My only picture with the bride. A little dark, but that’s okay.

Cutest parents ever!

I totally agree with Lena. The wedding cakes that we’ve been eating lately have been quite tasty. This wedding cake was also extremely delicious.

Congratulations Grace and Denny! So cute!

Sharon & Tony’s Wedding – 11/11/11

I woke up early Friday morning and picked up Lena for our mini road trip to Pismo Beach. The occasion? To attend Sharon and Tony’s wedding at the Santa Margarita Ranch.

I love this venue.

On our way to Pismo Beach, Lena and I stopped for a quick breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen Cafe in Santa Barbara. I’m not quite sure what really good jambalaya is suppose to taste like because I don’t eat it very often, but on a gloomy and chilly day, the jambalaya that Lena ordered tasted pretty darn good. I kinda wished I had ordered that instead of my New Orleans omelette.

New Orleans Omelette
Egg Over Jambalaya
Warm Biscuit

When we checked into the Seacrest OceanFront Hotel, I took a quick nap and got ready before the rest of the crew arrived. The wedding invitation said 3pm and well…we left the hotel at 3pm. Luckily for us, the wedding did not start until a little before 4.

The Horiuchis
I-Kids with the bride.
It was a little chilly.

There were some very adorably cute tidbits that I loved about the wedding, such as the bridesmaid’s dresses with their little elephants (sorry, no pics), the flower girls and ring bearers, the names cards and the homemade peach jams.

Ring Bearers
Flower girls.
Place cards.
Lots of homemade peach jam.

The next morning, the happy couple hosted brunch at Seaside Cafe & Bakery. Pancakes, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs for everyone.


Super cute, super sweet wedding. Congratulations Sharon and Tony!!!