Waley & Sarah

My cousin Waley got married yesterday. Congratulations! I thought my cousin was pretty, but his wife Sarah is so much prettier than he is.

Waley & Sarah

Zot Zot…

Rosalyn & Tracy

I’m like a giant…


Focusing on cutting the perfect slice of cake.

They are so cute.

Manhattan Beach Post (Dinner)

We had a girls day outing today in the South Bay where it was nice and cool. It was great to leave the hot and humid 90 degree weather of the San Gabriel Valley and hang out near (not on) the beach. Dana, Grace, Lena and I watched an afternoon showing of Moonrise Kingdom, which was very good and then had dinner at MB Post. I’ve only had brunch here once so I was excited to finally try their dinner menu.

bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuit (w/maple butter) & fleur de sel pretzel

fee fi fo fum fries

soft shell blue crab lettuce wrap

roasted brussels sprouts (w/emmental, hazelnuts, sage)

asparagus and poached jidori egg

skirt steak w/ grilled broccolini & red chimichurri

vietnamese caramel pork jowl on papaya salad

steamed mussels w/ green curry, Chinese sausage, and rice

I just oh so love the bacon cheddar biscuit. The only thing that I didn’t like was the sausage in the green curry and the papaya salad (too much fish sauce). Actually I’m a little offended that there was Chinese sausage in the green curry. It’s just…wrong.

Manhattan Beach Post

1142 Manhattan Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266