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2012 Vacation Part 2 – Paris

My first trip to Paris was interesting. I had some delicious food, bought an expensive purse and went to a Chinese wedding. Every day that I was there, I felt like I was in a movie. I couldn’t believe how beautiful some of the buildings were. Now if the subways and stores had just crank up the air conditioning a bit, I can truly say that my first trip was perfect.

Did you know that the pho in Paris is better than LA? Sad, but true.

My idea of a perfect breakfast is the Croque Madame. Oh…I only had it everyday.

Of course I visited the Louvre. I’m sad I missed some parts of it because *coughs* the ventilation was *coughs* so bad. It was so warm inside I’m surprised the paint didn’t start to melt off some of the paintings.

I swear all the signs point toward the Mona Lisa. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. The painting was tiny.

I went to a Chinese wedding in Paris and there were a lot of food. Congratulations Lina and Alex.

There were a lot of little alleys with cute cafes. The Parisians does their coffee right.

Crepe. I like it. I really really like it. I should have ate more of it.

 I didn’t go inside, but I did snap a few pics in front of Notre Dame. I was not about to get in line with all the tourists and I doubt the place has air conditioning.

The Eiffel Tower looks better from far away, far far away. It doesn’t look so romantic up close, but that didn’t stop Pearl and Lina from taking pics with their cute glasses.

Guess what this group of people are waiting for…

They were in line to get into A & F. Yes…there were two models guarding that grand entry gate.

 One of the last places that I visited in Paris was the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarte. It was a long trek up many many stairs to get out of the subway and then there were more stairs to actually get to the Sacred Heart. The view from the top was pretty amazing though.

According to Lina, the cheapest place to buy souvenirs in Paris is at Montmarte. I picked up a few magnets for my fridge.

 There were so much that I didn’t get a chance to see, I must visit Paris again very soon.


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