Pretty Pink Bridal Shower

Pink peonies, pink lingerie, and lots of sweets = very pretty (and fun) bridal shower. Congratulations!!!

Ok. So…maybe not everything was pink.

And…maybe not everything was sweet. There were also some savory goods.

I’m so excited for the wedding next weekend.

Graduation Weekend at Cal

My parents and I drove to the Bay Area this weekend to attend my little sister’s graduation in Berkeley. Well I semi-attended. My cousins and I dropped off our parents, had brunch at La Note and then walked into the stadium toward the end. According to my mini-me, it was long, boring and extremely hot. Yep. That sounds like a graduation ceremony alright. Poor child was practically dripping with sweat in her black cap and gown. I can’t believe she is done with college. I feel old now.

No. My mini me really isn’t that tall.
They are close in height.
Somehow the red pants look right on her.
Family Photo!

I think we should have stayed at La Note a little longer. I could have used another cup of coffee.

Cute eh?
Cote Sud
Les Oeufs Lucas