Green Street Tavern

Last night I had a delicious dinner at Green Street Tavern with Alina, Nahae and Lena. We learned from our last dining experience at the Hungry Cat and ordered just enough to share. We cleared out all the food. Had our parents been with us, they would have patted us on the backs and said “we raised you girls right”. Oh wait…I think there may have been some couscous left on one of the plates.

Miniature Baked Brie
Lobster Ravioli
Lamb Tagine
Three Little Piggy’s went to the market…
Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart

Manhattan Beach Post

Saturday I had brunch with Mag, Phyllis, Tina and little Cadence (my favorite 4 year old) at Manhattan Beach Post. The food was delicious, the service was friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was casual trendy which is my favorite restaurant combo (and should be yours too). Now I’m totally love in with the bacon cheddar biscuit and the truffle honey laced fried chicken. Note to self – must come back for dinner in the near future.






Alyssa’s 1st Birthday Party

Thank you Tina and Hans for inviting me to Alyssa’s birthday party. She was the perfect little host, waving and smiling at everyone. I love children’s birthday parties.

The Hosts


Tina had a candy station set up🙂

I love yogurt covered pretzels.

Guess what they’re setting up for?

A takoyaki station!

Mr. Takoyaki man also conjured up some Japanese style hot dogs. Not quite Japadog status, but good enough.

Only Tina would think to buy a cupcake pinata.

Alyssa has the cutest little bangs.

There was also a dessert station.

I think Cadence may have had a little too much fun with the chocolate fondue.

I didn’t just take pictures of the food🙂

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

I want Tina and Hans to host my next birthday, preferably also held in their backyard.