Fortune Dumpling

Today I had lunch at Fortune Dumpling with Lena. Fortune Dumpling used to be 元寶小館 in Rosemead (or was it El Monte?). I haven’t been there since I was in college and had completely forgotten about this place until a friend mentioned it to me last week. Lena and I ordered three plates of dumplings, a plate of thousand year egg and tofu, and an order of beef wraps.

soup dumplings – holiday special only $2.99
spinach wrap w/ pork, carrot wrap w/ pork & seaweed, goji wrap w/ chicken
dumplings w/ pumpkin & shrimp filling
pumpkin & shrimp filling was meh
our order of beef wraps was huge
beef wrap
thousand year egg & tofu

A Very Ambitious Day at Disneyland and California Adventure

Yesterday, Lena and I played for almost 14 hours at Disneyland and California Adventure. We started with a very relaxing ride on the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland and ended with an equally relaxing ride on Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland.

Here is our very ambitious list of fun:

1. Adventureland – Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones Adventure, Bengal Barbecue

2. New Orleans Square – Disneyland Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion

3. Critter Country –  Splash Mountain

4. Frontierland – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

5. Mickey’s Toontown – Mickey’s House

6. Tomorrowland – Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Captain EO, Space Mountain

7. Fantasyland – Small World ride & show, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Peter Pan’s Flight, Snow White’s Scary Adventures

8. Hollywood Pictures Backlot – The Tower of Terror

9. A Bug’s Land – It’s Tough To Be a Bug

10. Paradise Pier – California Screamin’, Goofy’s Sky School, The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, World of Color

11. Golden State – Soarin’ Over California, Grizzly River Run, The Bakery Tour,

12. Other – napped on a park bench, shared a turkey leg, shared a swirl soft serve, and took funny pictures in Toontown

Have you ever seen the World of Color show at California Adventure? It was amazing. I can watch it over and over again. Seriously. I can’t wait to go back.

Fighting Evil
Lifting Weights
Chillin at Mickey’s house
She ate 3/4 of that turkey leg.
The Little Mermaid
World of Colors
Love the holiday lights. I wished I had brought my actual camera.


FINALLY! I baked a batch of cookies that are edible. Snickerdoodles! I know they are simple to bake and almost anyone can do it, but I’m not anyone. I don’t know why most of my cookie baking attempts are below par. Oh but not these snickerdoodles. Maybe it was the recipe that I used from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook I got for my birthday (or was it Christmas?) a few years ago.

the batter
going into the oven
out of the oven

Now I’m going to go back to baking cakes.

Artisan House

On Sunday, Jen, Eloise and I had brunch at Artisan House in downtown LA. They are currently in their soft opening phase, so getting the food on the table was a little on the slow side which I’m sure they will rectify by the time of their grand opening (this Thursday I think?) comes around. Let’s hope. Artisan House also has a full bar and a deli/market on the other side of the restaurant where one can order sandwiches and do some shopping for teas, wines and other little bites. I wonder what’s on their dinner menu. I guess I’m going to have to go back to find out.

beef crudo w/ mushrooms and horse radish
tuna albacore confit
duck prosciutto flatbread
egg over a sandwich that I didn't eat

After brunch we went to the UniqueLA event at California Mart. I also met up with my friend Lena there. She was starving and decided to order the pulled pork sliders from Tiara Cafe. Her sliders looked really good and she had later confirmed with me that it was indeed quite delicious.

pulled pork sliders

Mochi Experiment

I don’t know why, but last night I really wanted to try to make 糯米糍, which are glutinous rice balls that are often filled with red bean, peanuts, or black sesame. It was always a challenge to try to figure out the correct measurements from a Chinese recipe because the measurements are different from the cups and tablespoons that I’m used to. So after a bit of googling and youtubing “糯米糍”, I decided to use the measurements below. According to my dad, who is an awesome cook, my 糯米糍 came out pretty well. One gold star for my first attempt.

Mixed the following in a big bowl:

2 cups of glutinous rice flour

1/2 cup of sugar

3/4 cup of coconut milk

3/4 cup of water

Then transfer the mixture into a stainless steel plate (grease with vegetable oil) and steam for 15 minutes.

Then remove  from the plate with a spatula and knead for all of 20 seconds on a flat surface that is covered with saran wrap. You don’t have to wear gloves, but it will be a lot less sticky when working with the dough (batter?).

Next separate the dough into 16 pieces (or 17). Take your spatula (or a big stainless steel spoon) and flatten each piece into a circle about 2 1/2 inch diameter. Then scoop your desirable amount of filling into the center and fold the side in until everything is trapped inside. Toss the 糯米糍 into a bowl of shredded coconut and place in a cupcake wrapper. After you’re done with all 16 (or 17), stick them in the refrigerate for 15 minutes, and then serve. I have no idea how long you can keep these for, perhaps 2 days? I can’t wait till mango season comes around. Mango Mochi!!!

Wendy’s Thanksgiving Weekend in So Cal

My cousin Wendy decided to join us for Thanksgiving this year. What does this crazy girl from SF want all weekend? Food, food and more food.

Her first fat cup of Half & Half
Her first visit with the Chan sisters to Class 302
Her first experience with shaved snow. This is green tea with red bean and mochi.
Her first visit to 85 degree bakery. Poor girl is going to be feeling so deprived when she is back in SF.
Just look at that tray. She made the Chan sisters proud.
Her first experience with my cheesecake cookies.
All the bean curd she can consume in one sitting.
Too bad she missed my peanut butter infused rice crispy treats though. Oh time.
We are the tallest women in the family🙂