Ichikawa Shabu Fondue & Sushi

Last Monday I had lunch with Peian, Branden & Lena at Ichikawa in Chino Hills. According to P & B, there is usually a bit of a wait. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to deal with any lines because it was a Monday and everyone was at work. Lena and I ordered the 2 for 2. I believe it was $39.99 for two individual hot pots, a salad, an appetizer and a dessert. Great deal, no?  The spicy pork bone broth that I ordered was delicious. If I wasn’t so full from the meat, I probably would have been able to add the udon noodles to the broth too. Just imagine how yummy that would have been.

Spicy Pork Bone Broth
Seaweed Salad
Spicy Pork Sausage
It's boiling! Yay!
Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

P & B’s Wedding Weekend

My dear friends (and two of the most awesome people in the world) Peian and Branden were married this past weekend. The year long anticipation finally arrived and I’m kinda sad it’s over because I had way too much fun being a part of this wedding.

The fun begins once this awesome Save The Date arrived in the mail. Actually I grabbed mine straight from their apartment.
getting pretty for the tea ceremony
Father Daughter Dance
Delicious Wedding Cake - strawberry white cake, red velvet, marble, and lemon. All with difference frosting.
The only couple that I've ever seen eat the whole slice of cake. Yep. The cake was that good.
3/5th of the Sisterhood
I can't believe I didn't finished the entree. I wished I could've taken this to go.

I hope they plan some kind of anniversary celebration soon.


Traffic and security at LAX were smooth today. My flight landed early and my cousins were only 20 minutes late at picking me up from the airport. I think this Labor Day weekend is going to be alright.

Wendy, Lina and I had dinner at Oyaji tonight. We ordered way too much and because SF is such an environmentally friendly city, I felt a little bad about asking for boxes. Will everyone please remind me not to eat too much this weekend? PLEASE!

Assorted Sashimi
Agedeshi Tofu
Aspara Beef
Monica Roll
Oyaji Beef
Tatsuta Age