Unique LA

Earlier today, Jennifer and I did a little bit of shopping at the Unique LA event held at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. The event features various local designers in fashion, jewelry, crafts and even gourmet sweets. I bought a few greeting cards, beauty scrubs and candies, and also scored a few free tickets to the OC Fair.

Mango-Passion Caramels from Le Bon Garcon
Hand Candies - Sea salt scrubs for the hands and arms
Angry Birds - I'm not really sure what these are made of, but I don't they are edible. I could be wrong though.
Chicken or More Angry Birds?
My Free OC Fair Tickets

Although the space was pretty big and open, it still felt a little warm and stuffy, which somehow drove my allergies a little overboard. I hope that at the next Unique LA event I’ll be able to do a little bit more shopping (allergy free).

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