My Birthday – 2011

I decided to go to work on my birthday this year and be completely unproductive. Not that I really had to try or anything since very few of our clients called in today. I thought someone had unplugged my phone and blocked all my emails somehow. Oh well…I’m sure this is the calm before the storm. I’m guessing I’ll probably be stressed out to the point of wanting to pull out my hair next week. Anyhoo. I groggily dragged myself into the office this morning to find a nice cup of vanilla latte waiting for me on my desk, courtesy of my dear friend Amy. Next, Tracy waltzed in with a pair of new earrings for me. For lunch, Andrew bought me In n’ Out. When I came home of work, Evey had mailed me the book that I was thinking about buying. Oh and somewhere in between, my book buddy Kristin emailed me an Amazon gift card. I also spent all day diligently thanking everyone on my FB for their birthday wishes, but I think I gave up sometime in the afternoon. A girl can only check her FB so often in one day.

Of course, there was my birthday dinner with the family. I decided to go to Tasty Garden in Alhambra since it was close and the food is usually pretty decent. Please see below for pics of my dinner.

XO 四季豆
XO 帶子蒸豆腐

I think that pretty much concludes my birthday festivities for this year…until Saturday anyways. Oh and thank god my parental units finally realize I don’t like birthday cakes.

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary

It was somewhat calm and uneventful at work today so I had more than a few spare minutes to browse the web. After reading a few extremely gross new articles about food poisoning, breast implants and microwaves, I finally came across something neat, happy and interesting. Yahoo featured some cool self-portraits by photographer Natsumi Hayashi. So what’s so cool about her self-portraits? Well she was levitating in each one of them.

You can check out her blog at Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary for more levitating self-portraits or you can click on the photos below for a direct link to the Yahoo slideshow.

Natsumi Hayashi levitating in a phone booth
That doorbell must be pretty high.
I can never jump with a box. Doesn't matter how light it is.

The Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya

Last Saturday, Tina treated me to an early birthday dinner at Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya in Manhattan Beach. Now I think I might in be love with their crispy rice with spicy tuna dish. Is that weird? I mean it really is just rice and tuna right? Oh but it’s so addictingly (is that a word?) delicious.

crispy rice w/ spicy tuna

Of course, the other dishes that we ordered were also good. Not quite as memorable as the dish above, but still good.

tuna sashimi w/ jalapeno
seared albacore w/ crispy onion
lobster roll

Wang Dae Po

Friday night I had Korean BBQ for dinner with Simon and Nathan at Wang Dae Po. Nathan mentioned that the crowd was a little older at this particular restaurant, but all I could think of was how out of place I felt. Aside from from the waitresses, I think there may have been only two other women dining in the whole restaurant. I may be wrong but WDP felt like a male dominated restaurant, but the food was still good and it was all you can eat for only $17.99.

Thinly sliced beef brisket?
Beef tongue
Boneless beef short ribs? Perhaps. It was good though.

Coastal Flats (Fairfax, Virginia)

Before my delayed flight from Virginia back to California, I had brunch at Coastal Flats. Apparently, the lobster roll was suppose to be delicious but I decided on the lobster mac n’ cheese with ham instead. It was good but on the saltier side. Is that suppose to be the case for any dishes that are mixed with lobster? Maybe. Hmm…or was it because of the ham? Next time I am ordering the lobster roll.

lobster mac n' cheese with ham
coastal lobster roll
Evey's gluten free salad before the server brought out the dressing.

Trummer’s on Main

Last weekend I flew to Virginia to attend Evey and Josh’s very delicious wedding at Trummer’s on Main. I love the restaurant, everything from the high ceilings fans to the paintings on the walls. The food was so OH MY GOD delicious that I was tempted to ask for seconds. Although I don’t think the server would actually bring me a second plate of anything.

When we walked into the restaurant after the ceremony, we found sweet potato chips, popcorn and friends waiting for us at our designated tables.

Next the servers brought out big plates of grilled cheese sandwiches.

I love bread and the rolls were good. It took a lot of self control to not eat more than one. Yes. I had to take pics of the bread. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.

For starters, I chose the chicken confit. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have a food related dream about this dish some time. It was amazing.

I believe the other choice was a spinach salad. It doesn’t look or taste as good as my chicken confit though.

For my entree, I decided on the roasted chicken. Delicious. The green stuff was bayleaf crumbles.

The other choice was braised short ribs. Why didn’t they think to put the mushrooms with the chicken too? That would have been nice. I don’t know why the pic won’t rotate.

My dessert was the chocolate tart with rosemary lemon sorbet.

The other choice was the  fruit plate with vanilla chantilly.

I like to thank the newly weds for choosing Trummer’s on Main for their reception because the food was amazing. I hope they are having a wonderful time on their honeymoon.