Bachelorette Party Weekend in Las Vegas

Okay, this is going to be a long post. I’m going to back track a bit to last weekend’s bachelorette party in Vegas for my friend Peian. We did a lot of partying and a lot of eating.

Our first meal was at my personal Vegas fave, Ichiza, which is a izakaya restaurant located off the strip on Spring Mountain Road in the heart of Chinatown. Cheap and yummy. Since we got there just a little after it opened for the day, we didn’t have to wait in line.

beef carpaccio

stir fried kimchi and pork

salmon and yellow tail sashimi


tuna tar tar w/ rice?

bacon wrapped potatoes


honey toast w/ vanilla ice cream

We were still full from Ichiza, but we made our way to our dinner reservation at Bouchon Bistro anyway. It was a good idea for us to take in more fuel so that we had enough energy to play at XS that night. Hmm…I don’t think our server was too happy with what we ordered though. There were six of us and we ordered only sides, appetizers, and I think one entree? Oh well.

mac n' cheese

Oysters from I forgot where. I prefer the ones from Sydney.

Mussels from I don't know where.

pommes frites

I like figs.

Getting ready for XS.

Lena, Me & Peian

The Sisterhood

Fast forward to the following evening, our dinner reservations were at STK in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The wait for the food was an hour too long. So long that I was full after the first two bites of my steak. Sad right? The restaurant itself was a lot of fun though.  There was a DJ spinning and our server Collin was very entertaining.

I ate a lot of bread while waiting for my steak. It was so good.

pear & endive salad I think?

16 oz sirloin - medium rare. It was a waste on me. I only had two bites and I was full.

green beans - gotta have the vegetables

parmesa truffle fries - Argh! Word press won't rotate the image. Damn it!

some more mac n' cheese

dessert sampler for the bachelorette

chocolate covered cheesecake

Party destination for Saturday night was Marquee. The club has four levels and we only got to see two. Why? Because the club had too many damn stairs and not enough elevators. We did see mermaids though. Oh and Dash Berlin was there too.

Mermaids chilling in the pool.

Dash Berlin

Before we left Vegas on Sunday, we had brunch at Max Brenner. Oh how I love the mac n’ cheese there. I feel like I OD’ed on mac n’cheese this weekend.

Judy's cup of caffeine. I think it was a capuccino?

Golden latte. Perfectly refreshing for a Sunday brunch.

My favorite mac n' cheese.

waffle fries w/ cocoa powder

I only ate half of my burger.

I forget how much fun it is to party all night with the girls. I have to do this more often before I get any older. It took me almost a whole week to recuperate.