Peian’s Bridal Shower

My one major event for this weekend was Peian’s bridal shower. It’s a lot of work planning the perfect bridal shower and I thought the MOH did a great job. Everyone that attended helped with the decorations and food. It was a lot of fun and was happy to be a part of it. Now I can’t wait until the bachlorette party in Vegas.

Cute party favors filled with yummy Godiva chocolates.

Center Piece

Jane's pad see ew.

bow tie pasta

I love spinach dip.

I like the cow :)

Lena's cheese plate. She brought them back from Wisconsin.

I'm not sure what this dessert was, but it was good.

Berry blossom cake from Susina. Delicious. I should've ate another slice.

Getting up close and personal with the cake. Yummy.